The old car you have held on to for a long time is making nothing but trouble for you, and you are ready to move it out of the way so that you can use that room for something else. There are a lot of people who avoid trying to sell their car because they know it will be hard to do in Peoria, and you really do not want to meet strange people who think that they can buy your car. That is weird for some people, and it might even be unsafe for single women. We are an incorporated business that safely allows you to sell your car for cash. We buy cars quickly, safely and for the best price you can find.

Moving On From

Your Old Car In Style In Peoria

The Pricing Process

We welcome your phone call whenever you have a moment to talk to us about the car. We want to know what the car is, and we want to know what condition it is in. There are a lot of people who do not know how much they could even get for their car, but we will fill in the blanks for you after you tell us about the car. We only ask for a small amount of information on the car, and then we try to figure out how much we can give you for the car based on its condition. The condition means a lot because even some junk cars have nice seats or other parts that are valuable.

We are willing to price your car as high as we possibly can, and we are very sure that we can give you a better price than even a private buyer could give you. We come to pick up the car, and that makes it even easier for you.

We Have Our Own Tow Trucks

We send our own tow trucks to you to get the car, and we send out drivers who know how to finish off the sale process for you. There are a lot of buyers who have no idea how to handle their titles or other paperwork, and we close out the sale with the driver when they see you. You are done with the car as soon as we drive away.

We offer cash for cars in a process that is better than any other you can find. We have created a better process for selling a car that alleviates all the pressure you have been feeling.